A crème brulee kitchen torch is definitely a kitchen luxury that I can never live without. The torch is used to caramelize sugar toppings on crème brulee, creating a sweet, decadent, and smooth topping over creamy custard. It is said that breaking in the smooth, velvety texture of caramelized sugar against the creamy, soft custard is among life’s smallest pleasures – or at least mine’s. This is why having a kitchen torch at home is important for me. Many people are afraid of this kitchen tool. But, I think all you really need to know are the proper instructions on how to use this tool safely.  I tell you, this is an important kitchen tool in creating many different dishes.


Crème Brulee Kitchen Torch Instruction For Filling The Torch

Filling the torch is an important task that you need to do to continue using the torch. You will have to fill it with butane gas after some time. It takes about 2-3 months before I would have to refill mine. Most kitchen torches you can find nowadays have a gas window so you know when you will need to refill yours. The first thing you want to do when refilling your torch is to shake the fuel container a few times.  This procedure will help warm the fuel up so it can create better flames. Take your torch and move to the lowest setting the flame adjustment lever. Take the nozzle of the gas container and insert it in the refuel valve of your torch by pumping it until it fits. Wait for a few moments before using the torch again to let the gas settle.


Instructions For Using The Torch

After you are sure that you have enough fuel in your torch, you need to learn the proper way of using the torch safely. Find the air control lever and push it as far back as it can. Find the flame adjustment lever and take it to a higher setting than the lowest; make sure that it is not too high or it’ll cause a huge flame. You can adjust the flame setting later if you are already accustomed to using the torch. If your torch has a safety lock, unlock it. Press the ignition lever to ignite the torch.  Hold the lever down to keep the flame burning.  Point the flame to the food you want to melt or caramelize.  Move the flame around to cover the entire area.  Simply release the lever when you are done to stop the flame.


Instructions For The Perfect Caramelized Sugar

For the perfect caramelized sugar, you will want to sprinkle your custard with only a tablespoon of sugar for each ramekin. Make sure that you evenly sprinkle the sugar through the entire ramekin. Press the ignition lever and directly point the flame to the sprinkled sugar. Move the torch around to evenly distribute heat and caramelize the sugar evenly. Place it in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes before serving.


Crème Brulee Kitchen Torch: A Safe Tool

Kitchen TorchA kitchen torch is definitely a safe tool to use at home even if there are children living there. All you need is to know the proper instructions to be able to use the crème brulee kitchen torch safely.